Our Mission

In 2021, just three companies received over $360b in revenue from global ad spend.

The users who contributed to this ad spend received nothing.

The businesses who paid this ad spend are unsure how the $360b resulted in a sale.

This happens all the time. Centralized big tech and financial institutions by design have responsibility to shareholders rather than their users. When we give a user an opportunity to earn on Rubix they have confidence that they will be directly rewarded for their effort.

This is the power of Rubix.

Rubix lets individuals and businesses connect with one another directly through flexible and attributable contribution based earn mechanics. Community-led ensures that benefits are reinvested back to those that participate. No shareholders with competing agenda, simply globally connected contributors working towards a common mission.

Rubix is integrating into the platforms that are in use today, and leveraging these integrations to ease both individuals and businesses into an empowered community that takes back control of their own time and data.

The future is in the community’s hands, Rubix is providing the tools for it to happen.